It’s way easier to run an e-commerce website than a brick-and-motor store. You won’t incur a lot of labor cost because you’ll not have to employ many people, you don’t need a warehouse to keep your inventory as you can dropship, and you can sell 24/7.  However, you’ll have to create an online store to be able to sell online.

Basic requirements to create online store free

You need a domain name to create the best free online store

Before you actually create your online store, you need a domain name. You can register a domain name with one of the best registrars out there. But if you want to create a free online store, you won’t need to go through that trouble. You can choose a free e-commerce website builder that comes with a free domain name. But there is a catch. The domain name will feature the name of the e-commerce website builder. For example, if you’re looking to create a free online store with WordPress, the domain name will read like this:

You need a web hosting provider to create the best free online store

The web host will ensure your online store is visible to potential customers. However, if you’re creating a free online store, the free e-commerce website builder also offers free hosting. But know that free web hosting is not as reliable as paid web hosting. However, even if you’re looking for free web hosting, choose a platform that offers all the basic features that you would want in a functional free online store, such as enough disc space and bandwidth, great uptime, multiple payment options integration, and checkout system. Ideally, the free e-commerce website builder should enable you to sell and receive payments for your products easily.

Choose the best e-commerce website builder to build your free online store on

The last step is building your free online store. There are many free e-commerce website builders out there, such as WordPress, Magento, Weebly, and Squarespace. You can go with Weebly because it’s modern, trendy and comes with the innovative drag and drop editor that allows you to create online store free easily and quickly. It’s a matter of just selecting the elements and dragging them to any position you want.


With technology advancing at a rapid pace, creating free online store is easier than ever. In fact, the free e-commerce website builders allow you to create stunning websites just like the paid options. So if you’re just starting out selling online, it’s a good idea to start with a free online store to get the hang of things.

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